Roulette – How to Win EVERY TIME!

Welcome to the next installment of our win roulette, almost every time, you’ve seen our previous videos getting red or black or red and black the same time now, since 1, through 18, 19 through 36, even and odd, are all the same odds. You could either bet those on their own. If you don’t want to bet red or black or you can even get even or odd. If you don’t want to better black or if you really want to get daring, you can bet all 66. At the exact same time now, for starters, I don’t recommend doing that unless you have a table all to yourself or once you get really really skilled at it reason being is it can get rather not confusing but hectic with other people placing the bets other things Going on around you and you can easily lose track of what you should be, what you’re supposed to be doubling. What doesn’t need to be doubling so now, let’s just show you how that works here:

So, as usual, i usually do a ten dollar minimum bit: we’re starting our bank roll out a thousand dollars. So let’s place our first bet: 31 black. So let’s see what we get so 30 ones odd or black, cod and 1936.

So we lose those bets there. But then we get paid, we get paid there so that it make so we’re going to keep our ten dollar bets on those and now because we lost on 1 through 18, even and red, we have to double those bets now just spread them out like this. You can see exactly what’s on each one spin again red 14. So now there was 1 through 18, even and red, so we lost these, but now ok, so those were lost. But now the house, it’s paying us twenty dollars, twenty dollars for each of those. So 20 40, its twenty forty sixty.

So now we just made back everything we had previously lost and these so now those are women’s. We’Re going to move doubled up bets over to these three, as we had just lost those 24 black. Oh shoot! That’S right! We had to read it: those are ten dollars, so we had just won those so now its twenty four black.

So we lost that one. Even so, the bank has to pay us. Ten dollars lost bread, one black. So now the bank is going to be paying us ten twenty dollars, because we had 20 bet on their lost odd, but one 1936 10:20 now remember.

I said you got ta, keep track of what you lost and what you want. We only had ten dollars each and these two. So now we have to ok.

So let’s take our winnings off 1 through 18 in red. We only had ten dollars on so that means now we have to bet 20 on each of those. We remember we want, even so we can keep that at ten and we just one on black, so we can take ten dollars off of there probably lost twenty odd.

So now we’re going to put 10 20 remember based on my system. I don’t do double up all the way to go. 10. 20 30 gets you one extra hand, and instead of making that extra 10 bucks you at least break even we just want to 1936.

So we can take that extra 20 or 10 off 10. So now the one we really want to hit is an odd number spin, again: 18 red 11 through 18, so 10 20. Even so you want another 10, it’s red 1020 suite 120 lost on black lost an odd and we lost on 1936. So now we have to bet 10 20. Now the odd is what’s really really getting us now.

I once took that was getting a pilot. Now we got 10 20 30 40 tippy sixty open, so we can take down all those are often. We have won this one that one that one now we have 10-20 back over there, it’s actually, i might have just screwed that one up. I can’t remember if I had a 10 or 20 on there before, like I said you got to make sure you keep track. I usually use bring a little just a little notepad with me, and I just make a little check marks under each make a column for each six columns and make a column for each each one of those I in immediately after that that ball lands. I can mark which one and how much I had on it makes things a lot simpler, all right, red, seven, odd, so 14, 13 18 lost for even one for red lost for black.

That was 20. I finally get that on so it’s 10. 20. 30.

40. 50. 60, so we have 10, 1, 30 or 60, the only one that one that was the one that was really getting this we lost 1936.

So we go there. We go back down to attend all of that. They’Re. Here we’ve got 20 30.

I think I just screwed that one up again to even just doing this simple video, it’s easy to screw it up. When you do this many numbers at one time, the whole trick is keeping track of what number or how much you just bet and on which number which which which roll it was that you just bet. So it’s that simple to screw it up and do not recommend this for the beginner or the starting out so much much easier to do. Just a single single one red and black or 13 18. 19. 36.

Even odd, like I said, the notepad can make all the difference or what I you can even do. While I’m playing is in front of me, because I usually sit right in front of red and black makes it reaching those a lot easier. And what I do is, as I’m playing already have the next double the bet all set to go, and i have six separate little rows of chips just for each each category and I have those all set to go and if it, if I did happen, the Wind that category I just automatically take take that back off thats for the casinos that do not let you bring a notepad which most will let you do it on. Backup is absolutely no reason they wouldn’t let you do that on roulette. So I hope you guys got the gist.

Just you become more complicated nature. This one can turn into a long video for continuing to play, but for the most part, it’s the same as bedding, either red or black or both at the same time like you’ve, seen my previous videos except you’re, all so you’re doing it on for other columns Or for other choices, so true keep just keep track, make sure you keep track. It’S the same strategy that I showed you guys before. Just make sure you keep track of the most part. That’S that’s all i have for the the double up strategy for let’s go. I’M working on a few other strategies as well so far, the payout has not been nearly as good, so show you guys how to do that in a future upcoming video so make sure you subscribe, hit the thumbs up like button that always helps keep being able To help me keep these videos coming