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Do you have Chronic Pain or Injuries that do not get better? Are you not able to perform or compete the way you would like? Want better results?

When a muscle is overused beyond its ability to withstand the load, one of two things happens;

1) The muscle fibers tear and/or

2) The nervous system "shuts off" the muscle to avoid further damage.

In these cases, the "shut off" muscle will ache and not work properly. Your body will then adapt by using other muscles and tissues to compensate for the non-working muscle, causing imbalances which lead to more pain and even more injuries.

The AMIT method will detect the muscle that is "shut off", and correct it by restoring its function and muscular imbalances. Therefore, allowing your body to heal.

AMIT has been used greatly among Olympic and professional athletes for the last 34 years. It has not only corrected acute and chronic problems, but also has allowed athletes to perform at levels they had not considered possible.

Dr. Jeff Robinson DC, is a certified AMIT physician. He will help improve your performance and get the results you want.

For more information about AMIT, follow the link below.


I always feel like I receive the best care when I go to ProHealth Chiropractic. That is why I have been going there for so many years. The staff and Dr. Robinson are always kind and attentive. I have had many experiences of arriving at the office with a hurt back or a migraine and have left feeling better and taken care of.


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