SLOT-C Database Nonprofit Tutorial

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Nonprofit organizations that create entries in the SLOT-C Database get free help with their communication projects and get the opportunity to inspire and mentor students. Let’s begin this tutorial by creating and managing a nonprofit organization account for the database. From the homepage, click on the “Register/Log-In” tab and select “Nonprofit” from the drop-down menu. This Log-In page will allow you to create a new account and sign in after you’ve created your account.

Click on the “Create an account” button. This will take you to the “Create a New Nonprofit” page, where you will fill out the form. Please fill out all the form fields, except “Address 2” if it doesn’t apply to you.

Use an email address that isn’t likely to change, but one at which students can reach you. Providing detailed information about your organization is important: students see that information when they look at each of your projects, and it attracts students who have similar interests. In the “What does your organization do?” field, you should use up to 300 words to clearly describe your nonprofit; most nonprofits can paste in their mission statement. It helps students know more about what you believe in and what you do. Also, if you are faith-based or politically oriented, check the appropriate check boxes near the bottom.

Students will see this review, too. If the student’s values and interests are a good match with yours, they are likely to select you as their client and to work hard on your behalf! After registering your organization by clicking on the “Send your form” button, you will be directed to sign in using your email address and password. After signing in, you can manage your projects, edit your profile, or change your password from the menu that appears on the left side of the screen.

To add a new project, click on the “Manage my projects” menu option, and then click on the “Add a project” button. Throughout the “Add a project” window, green question marks appear where we have provided tips to help you enter information. Just hover over each green question mark for a helpful tip relating to that field. To begin entering your project information, select the categories and types of projects you would like students to complete. Next, use the “Project description” box to provide full details for students to read as they search for projects.

In the “Project short description” field, provide a descriptive project title. For instance, instead of writing “grant,” write something like “grant for operating funds.” In the larger “Project description” field, include a complete, comprehensive description of your project. As you consider what to write, imagine a project from a student’s point of view.

You might ask yourself questions like these: What does the student need to know? For example, is there an existing version of the project document? Are there sources of information the student should research before or while preparing the project document? For instance, a call for proposals for a grant project?

Will there be a set of milestones for the project that the student will need to meet to show progress? ·     What are the deadlines? ·     Finally, does the student need special skills to tackle the project? For instance, will they need to know JavaScript before they redesign your website?

If you have several projects that require a consistent design and/or a coherent message, be sure to note this in each project description. For students to produce a set of documents with a consistent design and a coherent message, you may need to help several students coordinate their work. Keep in mind that these students may not be in the same class or even the same state.

At the bottom of the “Add new project” form, you can also designate whether you’ll accept work from students who must telecommute, or whether you prefer students who work locally. After a project has been selected by a student, you should delete that project from the SLOT-C Database so that it doesn’t appear in other students’ searches. (If you choose to leave a selected project in the database until the student completes the project, you may have to answer emails or phone calls from other students who are interested in that project.) You can delete or edit a project by clicking on “Manage my projects” in the left-hand menu.

We hope you find good student matches for your projects. You are providing opportunities for students to learn how to complete specific types of projects. But also, you are mentoring these students in good communication with clients, with how to work under deadlines, and in how to be good professionals

Betfair Trading: Profit from analysing football matches

Stay right here to watch the rest of this video or click over here to get hold of a free trial of bet, angel or click over here and subscribe to get instant access to new videos as they’re released. Thank you for watching the video, so yeah, there’s loads of data that you can keep on football matches. But I do a thing called the lucky League which, as the name suggests, ranks teams according to their ability or their true ability, because sometimes the number of goals you score isn’t equal to the number of goals you should have scored. So it’s important to differentiate the two but in general, is a number of ways that you can analyze football, but I thought I’d show you. You know when I say, somebody’s undervalued, somebody’s overvalued or that’s not the right price, or this doesn’t look right or there’s value here.

It’S interesting to have a little bit of a deeper dig to understand exactly what I’m saying. So this is actually the Premier League from last year. This is how it finished and if you’re doing any analysis, you can actually get a lot of information from when something has finished because obviously have a starting value and an ending value. And you can join up the two in between to actually understand exactly how we got to that particular point. So this is actually the league that at the end of last year – and it’s there’s a lot of revealing information in here – it’s obviously Chelsea won the league. Last year, so their points rank was one.

You can see the points ranked from 1 to 20, obviously being the position they finished in the league, but also you can see a number of different things in here. So this tells you how they achieved what they did achieve and the blue stuff means that they were ranked near the top and the dark red stuff means they were ranked near the bottom. So immediately you can see here. If you look at QPR, you can see they’re ranked number two for something out of 20. So what’s that? Well, if it up here’s the total number of God’s.

So if you were betting on over two and a half goals, then QPR would be near the top of your list and so would Man City and then you can see that Spurs were third in that way and so on and so forth. But you can see there are teams down the bottom, where the number of goals scored in the match was quite high, and this obviously tells you that they’re either scoring and conceding a lot or scoring a lot and not conceding many. But just about the number of average and so on and so forth, so you can see there that total goals does not equal position in the league simply because you’re higher in the league doesn’t mean that you have that many goals in a game. So, for example, if you look at Southampton, you can see it says: number 17. The number of matches that had more than I mean that ranked 17, the total goals. Basically, so if you were betting on a team between so says, for example, Southampton and Burnley, it would probably be a tight match, but Man, City and QPR wouldn’t be I mean, that’s pretty obvious to be all honest, but perhaps you know Leicester and QP.

I wouldn’t be so obvious or there and you can see where that’s going from there um, so yeah total number of goals and ranking. Those can tell you give you an indication as to what’s going on there and you can see I’ve also split it down between the ability to attack in the ability to defend as well. So what you can actually see is this is the combined total.

So I actually do split out both sections, so we have a combined total and then we have the ability to do something at home in the ability to do something. Wake is very often you’ll find. These are two different things so immediately you can see here.

If we, if we dig deeper QPR the number of goals they conceded away, was the most within the league. So suddenly you get a much clearer picture and if you look at the number of goals, when they’re playing at home, they were 14th in the league and you can actually see the number of goals scored by Man. City was first asked nor Third Man United. Second. Fourth and then you can see Liverpool’s Hampton scored an equal number when they’re at home or that the match contained that number of goals.

But you can see Chelsea do and score that many or there weren’t many golds at home, so they’re, obviously very tight at home. They were happy to set up for a low score win at home and therefore you can see how that dovetails into what’s going on within the dynamics of the team, their ability to not concede a goal, their home defences of called it here. It was ranked top their ability to score goals at home, actually wasn’t top. That was Man City who were the best team there. But you can start to uncover characteristics by organizing all of this by home and then by away and combining the two, because the combination is what you see in the league, but that doesn’t really tell you enough.

It’S when you split it up that things begin to look for any interesting, so you can begin to get some insight. So, for example, if you look at Spurs here, you can see their defense was not very good when playing at home. So, let’s see what the defense was like when they’re playing away, not very good, so Spurs problem last year, was conceding too many girls, home and away. You can see that and if you look at Sir Hampton who had a good season last year, how did they fare at home, so their ability to attack was pretty good, they were ranked for their and their ability to defend was superb, so they actually ended up Scoring a reasonable number of goals and not conceding that many at home, so their home record was absolutely brilliant, so you can see overall they were ranked fifth for points at home and if we look at how they did away, you can actually see it. You can see they’re ranked 20th in terms of the number of goals in a match that they played away, but that’s actually pretty good.

That gives you a clue as to what they were doing when they were playing away, and it also gives you a clue as to how they messed up at the beginning of the season and how Ronald Koeman has started to turn it around, because you can see They didn’t score that many goals away, but their defense was the best in the Premier League away from home. So you can see there’s a significant difference there, but also, if you look at Stoke, you can see, Stoke is very similar when they were playing away. Last year and then go one below them and look at Palace palace finished sort of mid division last year. But the number of goals that occurred when they played away was quite high, but they scored a lot of goals and they also tended to defend reasonably well.

So, in fact it was there away form they were ranked fifth overall in terms of a wave form, so you can see that in fact that was the key to their season, because if we go up and have a look at Crystal Palace at home, you can See that that wasn’t really anything particular special are lots of bits of red and around there but yeah. When you starts to break up dates like this, you can begin to really get a deeper understanding of exactly what is going on. If you are interested in learning more about better angel, its tools and the opportunities they present, then why not visit bet angel comm today and download a free trial?

Waikiki Travel Tips: 14 Things to Know Before You Go

– 14 things you need to know before you come to Waikiki in Hawaii. I’m Chris, this is Yellow Productions. I do travel guides that are fun, informative, and entertaining. This is part of my series on Hawaii and in this video I’ll be telling you 14 things you need to know before you come to Waikiki. Number one, we’ll start with what is the meaning of Waikiki, that’s important to know. Waikiki translates roughly to spouting water and as you walk around Waikiki you’ll see lots of fountains and streams as an homage to the name spouting water.

I think the other thing to know about Waikiki that’s related to this is it is kind of like the Las Vegas strip, just subtract the casinos and add the beach. Okay, number two, Waikiki is small. It is two miles of sandy beach on the ocean but it’s only three to four blocks inland.

So it’s a really small place. The next thing to know related to it being small, there’s really only two main streets that run down Waikiki. There’s the main street that runs along the ocean, it’s a one way street most of the way. And then there’s Kuhio which is an inland street, it’s a two way street.

Thing to know number three, Waikiki is crowded. Waikiki is where most of the tourists in Hawaii come. The Hawaiian government estimates that 72,000 tourists every day are in Waikiki. And the money that is generated and spent in Waikiki accounts for 42% of all of Hawaii’s tourism revenue, about two billion dollars. So if you’re thinking of having the beach all to yourself on an island paradise, that is not Waikiki.

You will be sharing that beach with 72,000 of your closest friends. It’s fun and exciting but not tranquil and lonesome. Number four thing to know, Waikiki is not Japan. Okay, that’s an odd statement but if you walk around Waikiki you’ll notice there are a lot of Japanese tourists. I’m staying at the Sheraton Waikiki, I think 90% of the people that stay there are Japanese.

Lots of things are written in Japanese, many stores will accept Japanese yen, there’s tons of Japanese restaurants. There’s trolleys that’ll take you around that only cater to Japanese but it is the United States of America, not the United State of Japan. Number five thing to know, hotels.

Waikiki is home to most of the hotels on Oahu. The Surfrider hotel is the original hotel in Waikiki. It was built in 1901, so check that out. It’s got a bit of history. If you want to save a little bit of money check some of the inland hotels, the ones that aren’t right on the beach because you’re a pretty close walk wherever you’re staying.

Okay sixth thing to know about Waikiki, we’ll talk about transportation. My first suggestion to you is walk. Parking in Waikiki is pretty lousy. You’ll be paying a fortune to park. The hotels all have parking if you’re staying here but if you’re driving in from someplace park your care once and then walk around. Some of your other transportation options within Waikiki, there’s a number of companies that run these trolleys through Waikiki.

The most popular ones, the Waikiki Trolley, I’m pausing for this plane to go over. (plane flying overhead) Waikiki Trolley operates the Pink Line. It basically runs a loop through Waikiki taking you up to Ala Moana Center. It cost two bucks to ride or if you have a JCB credit card you can ride it for free.

You’d never know that because it caters to Japanese and JCB is a Japanese credit card. Guess what, someone who comes to Waikiki on a fairly frequent basis, I have a JCB card just so I can take the Waikiki Trolley for free. The other thing about transportation, there’s also the bus.

The bus is the Hawaiian Bus Company. You can take that in and out of Waikiki, they are pretty clean, fast, and efficient so not too bad. Okay number seven thing to know is about shopping. Waikiki is shopping central.

There are shops for just about everything in Waikiki. There’s the Royal Hawaiian Center which is a big shopping mall in the middle of Waikiki. There’s also the International Market Place which is a new shopping mall that opened up. And in the middle of Waikiki there’s also a DFS, a duty free store. Everybody can shop there, not just people that are going to another country so that’s something to know. And yes, a lot of the stores will actually yen because there’s so many Japanese tourists but in fact this is not Japan.

Okay number eight, let’s talk about coupons. If you’re coming to Waikiki it’s important to know about all of the coupons. As you walk around there’s gonna be a lot of these things that you can pick up brochures on the street. You can find them at the airport, make sure you check those out and pick up the coupons ’cause you’ll find discounts on a lot of things you want. Also pick up the English language ones and the Japanese language ones too. One of my favorite places to eat in Waikiki is Teddy’s Bigger Burgers.

They offer coupons only in the Japanese versions of the magazine, so make sure you pick up both languages of those coupons. There’s also a Visitor Information Center located down on the Diamond Head side of Waikiki. So if you didn’t pick them up at the airport or couldn’t find them, you can check out the Waikiki Visitor Information Center.

Okay, the ninth thing to know before you come to Waikiki, is about the language. So in Hawaii, it’s the only state in the US that has two official languages, English and Hawaiian. But if you’re coming to Waikiki you would think it’s three because Japanese is spoken and written just about everywhere. Signs are in Japanese, signs on the trolley are in Japanese.

You’ll find Japanese in a lot of places. But you might here a couple of Hawaiian words, the ones you’ll here a lot is aloha. And you know sometimes the bathrooms will be written in Hawaiian, kane or wahine for men or women. You’ll typically see men or women but you’ll see those words underneath as well.

Okay, the 10th thing to know before you come to Waikiki is about the weather. Weather in Waikiki is usually pretty good. It doesn’t get too much rain, usually pretty warm. Typically the high is around 80 degrees and sunny. The better days are actually when it’s a little windier ’cause then you get the breeze.

So I you hear it’s gonna be a windy day that’s probably a good thing ’cause it’ll cool you down. But it’s humid, so be prepared to sweat a little bit. When you come to the beach you’re probably gonna want an umbrella, you’re gonna want some cover. You might actually want to avoid midday as a time to go to the beach ’cause it’s so hot.

And try the late morning or early afternoon or even late afternoon as a compromise. Okay, the 11th thing to know before you come to Waikiki is ABC stores. If you don’t know about the ABC stores, well you should. The ABC store is like a convenient store. There are tons of locations in Waikiki.

I haven’t counted them all, but I’d say there’s at least 50 locations. They are on almost every block, sometimes they are across the street from each other. And the ABC store sells everything you would need as a tourist coming to Waikiki.

They sell food, they sell snacks, they sell clothes, they sell beach gear, definitely check out the ABC stores. You can get breakfast there for cheap. And it’s a great store. So don’t leave Waikiki without visiting at least one ABC store. The 12th thing you should know is about the booking stands in Waikiki.

As you walk along the main streets, you’ll find lots of these stands that will advertise tours, buses, activities, for cheap, cheap prices, 50% off. Don’t bother, ’cause chances off they’re not 50% off and you can often get a better deal if you just book direct. And you don’t want to get swindled into a time share presentation ’cause that’s what they offer you in a lot of those booking stands as well.

So just book those things to your hotel, book ’em direct, you can find plenty of activities on your own. Okay, the 13th thing to know is about free entertainment. Waikiki has lots of free entertainment.

At the Royal Hawaiian Center you can take ukulele lessons, you can take hula classes. You’ll find a lot of the restaurants and bars will have evening entertainment, they’ll have music. At the Hula Mound on Waikiki’s main street right in front of the beach, kind of in front of the Hyatt hotel, they have evening hula performances.

So you walk around, check out that free entertainment. You’ll often find street performers doing interesting dances and things like that too. The last one I want to mention is every Friday at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, which is where I’m shooting this video, they have free fireworks every Friday. So do check out the Friday fireworks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

They have an evening show that you can book and go to at the same time as well. Okay and the last thing to know about coming to Waikiki is about food. I think the food here is pretty delicious. My biggest tip on this is gonna be to check out my other video which is the best cheap eats in Waikiki, but a couple things I’ll tell you here to wet your appetite for that is some of the things you’ll often find that are typical in Hawaii or Waikiki are plate lunches.

Plate lunches you get a plate, you get two scoops of rice, you get macaroni salad, and you get some meat. It’s actually kind of hard to find traditional plate lunches in Waikiki, there’s the Rainbow Drive In, which is the closest but check out my video on that to see more information at food in Waikiki. All right well that concludes this video.

I hope you enjoyed it. If you found it useful or gotten some useful information out of it, I’d appreciate you hit the thumbs up or the like button below. You can subscribe to see new videos of mine every Sunday or you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Or you might enjoy watching some of these other videos on Hawaii or my latest video as well.

All right have a good one and aloha.

Roulette – How to Win EVERY TIME!

Welcome to the next installment of our win roulette, almost every time, you’ve seen our previous videos getting red or black or red and black the same time now, since 1, through 18, 19 through 36, even and odd, are all the same odds. You could either bet those on their own. If you don’t want to bet red or black or you can even get even or odd. If you don’t want to better black or if you really want to get daring, you can bet all 66. At the exact same time now, for starters, I don’t recommend doing that unless you have a table all to yourself or once you get really really skilled at it reason being is it can get rather not confusing but hectic with other people placing the bets other things Going on around you and you can easily lose track of what you should be, what you’re supposed to be doubling. What doesn’t need to be doubling so now, let’s just show you how that works here:

So, as usual, i usually do a ten dollar minimum bit: we’re starting our bank roll out a thousand dollars. So let’s place our first bet: 31 black. So let’s see what we get so 30 ones odd or black, cod and 1936.

So we lose those bets there. But then we get paid, we get paid there so that it make so we’re going to keep our ten dollar bets on those and now because we lost on 1 through 18, even and red, we have to double those bets now just spread them out like this. You can see exactly what’s on each one spin again red 14. So now there was 1 through 18, even and red, so we lost these, but now ok, so those were lost. But now the house, it’s paying us twenty dollars, twenty dollars for each of those. So 20 40, its twenty forty sixty.

So now we just made back everything we had previously lost and these so now those are women’s. We’Re going to move doubled up bets over to these three, as we had just lost those 24 black. Oh shoot! That’S right! We had to read it: those are ten dollars, so we had just won those so now its twenty four black.

So we lost that one. Even so, the bank has to pay us. Ten dollars lost bread, one black. So now the bank is going to be paying us ten twenty dollars, because we had 20 bet on their lost odd, but one 1936 10:20 now remember.

I said you got ta, keep track of what you lost and what you want. We only had ten dollars each and these two. So now we have to ok.

So let’s take our winnings off 1 through 18 in red. We only had ten dollars on so that means now we have to bet 20 on each of those. We remember we want, even so we can keep that at ten and we just one on black, so we can take ten dollars off of there probably lost twenty odd.

So now we’re going to put 10 20 remember based on my system. I don’t do double up all the way to go. 10. 20 30 gets you one extra hand, and instead of making that extra 10 bucks you at least break even we just want to 1936.

So we can take that extra 20 or 10 off 10. So now the one we really want to hit is an odd number spin, again: 18 red 11 through 18, so 10 20. Even so you want another 10, it’s red 1020 suite 120 lost on black lost an odd and we lost on 1936. So now we have to bet 10 20. Now the odd is what’s really really getting us now.

I once took that was getting a pilot. Now we got 10 20 30 40 tippy sixty open, so we can take down all those are often. We have won this one that one that one now we have 10-20 back over there, it’s actually, i might have just screwed that one up. I can’t remember if I had a 10 or 20 on there before, like I said you got to make sure you keep track. I usually use bring a little just a little notepad with me, and I just make a little check marks under each make a column for each six columns and make a column for each each one of those I in immediately after that that ball lands. I can mark which one and how much I had on it makes things a lot simpler, all right, red, seven, odd, so 14, 13 18 lost for even one for red lost for black.

That was 20. I finally get that on so it’s 10. 20. 30.

40. 50. 60, so we have 10, 1, 30 or 60, the only one that one that was the one that was really getting this we lost 1936.

So we go there. We go back down to attend all of that. They’Re. Here we’ve got 20 30.

I think I just screwed that one up again to even just doing this simple video, it’s easy to screw it up. When you do this many numbers at one time, the whole trick is keeping track of what number or how much you just bet and on which number which which which roll it was that you just bet. So it’s that simple to screw it up and do not recommend this for the beginner or the starting out so much much easier to do. Just a single single one red and black or 13 18. 19. 36.

Even odd, like I said, the notepad can make all the difference or what I you can even do. While I’m playing is in front of me, because I usually sit right in front of red and black makes it reaching those a lot easier. And what I do is, as I’m playing already have the next double the bet all set to go, and i have six separate little rows of chips just for each each category and I have those all set to go and if it, if I did happen, the Wind that category I just automatically take take that back off thats for the casinos that do not let you bring a notepad which most will let you do it on. Backup is absolutely no reason they wouldn’t let you do that on roulette. So I hope you guys got the gist.

Just you become more complicated nature. This one can turn into a long video for continuing to play, but for the most part, it’s the same as bedding, either red or black or both at the same time like you’ve, seen my previous videos except you’re, all so you’re doing it on for other columns Or for other choices, so true keep just keep track, make sure you keep track. It’S the same strategy that I showed you guys before. Just make sure you keep track of the most part. That’S that’s all i have for the the double up strategy for let’s go. I’M working on a few other strategies as well so far, the payout has not been nearly as good, so show you guys how to do that in a future upcoming video so make sure you subscribe, hit the thumbs up like button that always helps keep being able To help me keep these videos coming

How To Play Online Roulette

“Ladies and gentlemen, your bets please. Don’t be stingy, Carl.” Hi, I’m Renny and today we’re playing online roulette! To me, roulette is like the quintessential casino game. Players can bet on all kinds of things: whether the number the roulette ball lands on will be single or double, odd or even, black or white, or even fall within set ranges of numbers.

I like to live on the wild side and bet on single numbers, which gives me the lowest chance of winning but the highest possible payout at 35 to 1. Jack over there is predictable as pie. He always places his chips on one of three groups of 12 numbers or one of two columns of numbers, which all have payouts of 2 to 1. And Taylor is always anxiously sweating like a mule.

Hence why she only bets on whether the number is even or odd, black or white, or falls within one of two groups of 18 numbers. Her bets have the highest odds, but the lowest payout at only 1 to 1. You can also split your bet on 2 to 6 numbers of your choice. A split gets you a potential payout of 17 to 1, a three-line, 11 to 1, a corner bet, 8 to 1 and a 6-line bet gets you 5 to 1.

You can place as many bets as you want. If you’re a gamble-happy moose like me, this is both dangerous and amazing news. Let’s say you think the next winning number will be red and in the second group of 12 numbers, but you also wanna bet your lucky numbers 1,2 and 3. You could put 50 bucks on the second dozen, two $10 chips on red and one $10 chip on the 1,2,3 line, totaling an 80-dollar bet. I see you rollin!

Once you’ve placed your bets, hit the Casinoslots spin button. The ball spins and stops at 19 red. You lose your line bet, but win $190 on your bets that the number is red and of the second group of 12.

Congrats! Gong xi! Badhai ho! Mazal Tov!

Still, you gotta watch out. Roulette has the highest house edge of all casino games. Head to for more info on the game, including odds, tips, variations and a chance to try your hand for free. Oh, and recommended casinos for us Canadians, of course. And don’t forget to check back soon for more videos on all things online casinos for Canadians – with me, Renny!

“No more bets, please! Not even you, Donald.”

Photosynthesis – How To Play

Hi! Welcome to Watch It Played, my name is Rodney Smith, and in this video, we’re going to learn the 2-4 player game Photosynthesis, designed by Hjalmar Hach and published by Blue Orange Games. When you’re a tree, even in the tranquil setting of a quiet forest, there is competition — for light, for growth, and for rebirth.

You and the other players will strive for space in a dense forest to spread your branches and your seedlings. So join me at the table, and let’s learn how to play. To set up, place the game board in the center of the play area and look for this Sun dot, which is where you’ll place this Sun piece at the start of the game. Now each player should collect one of these boards. We’ll be setting up a 2-player game, so we’ll return these others to the box. You’ll now collect the trees and seed tokens matching your player board.

The trees come in three different sizes, and there are spaces indicated on your board here for 2 large, 3 medium, and 4 small trees, which you’ll place there now. This column is for seed tokens, so place 4 of those there, while all leftover pieces stay by your board in what is known as the “available area.” This is your light track, and each player should collect one of these light tokens and place it in the zero space. These are the scoring tokens, and they should be separated into four stacks, based on their backs, which will show either 1, 2, 3, or 4 leaves.

Then, flip these over, and ensure they’re ordered with the highest value on top, down to the lowest value on the bottom. Place this beside the board, along with these round tokens, which should also be stacked from the highest down to the lowest. You’ll only use this #4 token if you’re playing the advanced rules, so we’ll return this to the box. Also, in a 2-player game, you’ll not use the darkest-color scoring tokens, so these can also be removed. The youngest player starts the game, so give them this first-player token, or choose randomly.

But either way, they now take one of their small trees from their available area, and place it into any empty outside edge space of the board. Then, going in clockwise order, each other player does the same. Now, repeat that process once more until everyone has placed a total of two small trees.

And that’s the setup. In Photosynthesis, you’ll be trying to strategically place your trees so they can soak up the sunshine and grow as the rays move around the board. When your trees reach their tallest height, you can collect them for points and the player with the highest score after the Sun has done 3 full rotations around the board will be the winner. The game is played over a series of rounds, and each round is broken into two phases, starting with the photosynthesis phase. Here, the first player will move this Sun board one step clockwise. You’ll skip doing this during the first round of the game, but on a future round, it would move to here.

And there are six different points like this that it will stop on, as it moves around during these phases. After it moves, or even during the first round when it doesn’t move, players will now collect light points based on whether or not their trees are in the shadow of other trees. To understand how shade is cast, you need to imagine that sunshine comes from the Sun board here in straight lines as shown by these arrows, across the rows of circles that are printed on the board. Each tree on the board then casts shade in that direction a certain number of spaces, depending on its height. A small tree casts shade a total of 1 space. Medium trees cast shade a total of 2 spaces, and tall trees cast a shadow 3 spaces away.

Any trees that are in the shadow of another tree, even one of your own, will not score light points during this phase, unless they are taller than the tree that is casting a shadow on it. To help illustrate this, let me set up a more complex example, and I’ll walk you through how this works. The tree here is casting a shadow 3 spaces in this direction, because of the position of the Sun.

And that means its shade will hit this tree, so this will not be gaining any light points because it is equal to or less than the height of the tree that is casting a shadow on it. And even though this tree is blocked, it’s still considered to be casting its own shadow and that means it’s blocking the tree here, so it won’t gain light points either. Over here, this small tree is casting its shadow 1 space onto the tree here, but because this is taller than the tree that is casting a shadow onto it, it is not considered blocked and will still gain light points. This tree is also blocked by the one here, but this one isn’t because it’s far enough from the other trees that are casting shade that it still will receive sunshine.

Sometimes, seed tokens will be on the board, but these will never collect light points. Either way, players now gain points for each tree that is not in shade based on its height. An unblocked small tree gains 1 point, medium trees gain 2 points, and the tallest trees get 3 points. So in this example, the blue player would get 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 for a total of 7 light points, while yellow will get just 1 point for its 1 unblocked tree here. Record how many points you have by adding the new amount to any you had leftover from a previous round and then move this token to that new total. Also, keep in mind you can never have more than 20 points at a time, so any extra you would be owed are just lost.

During the first photosynthesis phase, each player will have placed two trees on the board, so at most, you could have 2 light points. Once players have gained all their light points, you move on to the life cycle phase. And here, the person holding the first-player token will fully take their turn, then the next player in clockwise order will go, until everyone has had a turn.

And on your turn, you’ll perform as many actions as you want, and can afford, in any order, as often as you’d like. So let’s go back to the table, and I’ll show you what the actions are. One option is buying, where you’ll spend light points equal to the value shown on your board by the tree or seed that you want, and these are arranged in columns.

And you can always buy the bottom-most item from any one of these. For example, if I wanted a medium-sized tree, I’d need to buy this one for 3 light points. Now in the first round, at most you’d have 2 points, so I coulnd’t afford this yet, so we’ll pretend that I actually have a little bit more. And then I could collect this tree, placing it into my available area, and reducing my light points accordingly.

If I want to buy another item now, or later in my turn, I could, but let’s move on to another action called “planting a seed.” To do this, you’ll need to pay 1 light point, as shown here, and then you can place a seed from your available area onto an empty space of the main board a certain distance away from one of your other trees there, based on its height. As we see here, one space away from a small tree, up to 2 spaces away from a medium tree, and up to 3 spaces away from one of your large trees.

For example, I could place one of my seeds into the spaces around this tree. Or, if I had a medium tree here, I could place it into one of the spaces adjacent to it, or up to 2 spaces away. You’ll also notice that when counting those spaces, you don’t have to go in a straight line. Here, I’ve gone 1 space in this direction, and then over to here. Also, other trees, either your own or an opponent’s, cannot block you from getting to an empty space where you’d like to place a seed. That said, an important rule to point out with this, or any other action, is that you cannot target a particular space on the board more than once with actions that you perform during your turn.

When planting, your counting is having activated both the space where the seed came from, and where it ended up. So that means with other actions I take this turn, I could not target either of these space to either plant more seeds, or perform any other types of actions. Now though, let’s move on to another action: growing. To do this, you’ll pick a tree or seed that you already have on the main board and then pay the cost shown to the right of it here, to advance that piece to the next stage. So for example, to grow a tree from small to medium, it would cost me 2 light points. Then, I could replace this tree for example, with a medium one from my available area.

It’s very important to remember: you can only grow a tree using pieces in your available area. Anything on your board must be bought first to move it to here, and then it can be used in this action. A seed or tree that was replaced on the board is then returned to the highest available space within its column. Now if there isn’t space for it, it is removed from the game and returned to the box. Also note that you must take this action one step at a time.

In other words, I couldn’t have a small tree and pay 5 light points to immediately grow it to a large tree. Also remember that each space on the board can only be activated once, for example if this turn we had just planted a seed here, we couldn’t then grow that seed into a small tree because this space has already been activated this turn. This brings us to the last action we need to cover: collecting.

You’ll actually find this one shown on your player board in the same place that we saw the costs of growing a tree. But this is an action that can only be taken with one of your tall trees. And after spending 4 light points, you remove one from the game board, returning it to your player board, into the top-most empty space for it. Then, you gain the scoring token from the top of the stack that matches the number of leaves showing on the space your tall tree was collected from. So in this case, since the tree came from here, which shows 2 leaves, we’d collect this token, which also shows 2 leaves. In a 2-player game, you will not have the 4-leaf scoring tokens that are used when collecting from this space.

So if you collect a tall tree from this central spot, take a 3-leaf token instead. If a stack you ever need to draw from is empty, take the token from the top of the next lowest stack with available tokens. And if there were no lower stacks either, you’d simply gain no points for this action.

So, those are all the actions. And on your turn, you can perform as many of them as you would like, in any order, as often as you want, assuming you can afford them. But remember: you cannot perform an action that targets a particular space more than once within your turn. But after you’ve finished taking your actions, then the next player in clockwise order has their turn, until everyone around the table has taken a turn. And then, the first player token is passed to the next player in clockwise order, and then a new round is begun, starting with the photosynthesis phase. If you’ve finished a round and the Sun is in this position, just before you would start the next round, moving it to the space that shows this initial Sun spot, first remove one of these tokens as a reminder of the number of revolutions around the board you have remaining for the Sun to make.

When you finish a rotation that brings you back to here, while this final token is in the stack, finish that round, and then the game immediately ends. This means a complete game will last a total of 18 rounds, which is how many will be played as the Sun travels around the board 3 times. Now total all the points on your collected scoring tokens, and gain the points showing next to the row your light point token is in.

So in this case, I’d gain an extra 3 points. The player with the most points wins, and in the event of a tie, the tied player with the most seeds and trees on the main board wins. If there’s still a tie, then the tied players share the victory. And that’s how you play Photosynthesis. Now there are some additional advanced variation rules which you’re seeing on screen, that I’ll leave for you to discover on your own. However, if you have any questions about anything you saw here, feel free to put them in the comments below and I’ll gladly answer them as soon as I get a chance.

But, until the next episode, thanks for watching.

CID – सी आई डी – Ep 1447 – Gambling With Life – 29th July, 2017

I place a sum of Rs. 2, 00, 000. I raise to a sum of Rs. 3, 00, 000.

I call a show. It seems that I am having quite a day. It is not possible for you all to defeat me today. – You think so? Let me show you. See this!

Here you go. Come on, kids. I am so tired. It was such a long drive. Hemant, you know that we are here on a vacation.

So you can rest for a few days. All right? – Fine. Open the door, I’ll get the luggage. – Yes.

‘Gambler.’ Hemant! Come here! Quick! The door was unlocked.. Get the kids in the car. I’ll take a look.

Hemant, take care. Come on, kids. There are multiple stab wounds. The body seems fresh.

It seems that he was killed last night. Died at the gambling table. There are five glasses and five hands of cards dealt so it seems there were four more people here. One of them must be the killer. It could have been an outsider. Purvi, Pankaj, check the doors and windows for any signs of a forced entry.

– Mr. Hemant. Who is this man? Sir, I have never seen him before. This man is lying dead in your house and there are his pictures all over your house. How can that be?

A stranger comes to your holiday home and gambles and gets killed! How is it possible? Is there no guard around here? There was one and he has been here for years. He died four months ago and since then there is no one here as a guard. We thought that we will hire a new guard.

Sir, please believe me. I am telling you the truth. I have never seen this man. I have no clue why he is here and why are his pictures around. Pankaj.

Sir. Sir, there is no sign of forced entry. The back door has no lock and the latch can be opened from outside. They must have entered through there.

Outside the living room window there is a thorny plant. We found this rag stuck on that thorns. It seems someone was keeping a watch on them.

When that person escaped his garment must’ve got stuck. So with the victim there were four other people inside and one person outside. So a total of five.

So there should be five witnesses to this crime. And if we get any one of those five then we will know what happened here last night. There are three people who know of this murder. They have identified the victim.

When are they coming? They will be here by 1:00 p.m. We have got three of them in one go. Not bad. They saw the news and they have come forth to meet us. Splendid.

If there are bad people out there then so are good folk. Then why did they not file a report last night. Sir, they are the three. Pritam, Ranvir and Vikrant.

Pritam, Ranvir and Vikrant. You all know of this murder. – Yes, sir.

Let us have their statements taken individually. Sir, I was right there when Sid was killed. Sid? His name was Sid! Yes, sir.

I never knew them. I met them yesterday for the first time. And then he was killed the same night. Just a minute. Tell me everything in detail. Sir, it so happened.. ‘Sure, sir.’

‘What is the matter? You seem bored.’ ‘Do you not like it here in the club?’ ‘A club? You call this a club?’ ‘It seems that you have not seen one.’

‘Sir, it seems you are new here.’ ‘Are you visiting the city for the first time?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘I live in New York.’ ‘I was here for some work.’

‘I am done with the work and I am bored here now.’ ‘I have a way to help you.’ ‘Really?’

‘What is it? – It is a bit expensive.’ ‘Do not be worried.’ ‘Just tell me the way.’ ‘Think well, it will cost you’ ‘and it is risky.’

‘A risk? I enjoy taking risks.’ ‘As far as it goes for money it is all fine.’

‘Just tell me. – Superb.’ ‘What risk were you talking about?’ ‘Nothing like that. Just a simple gambling game.’

‘Worth a lot of money.’ ‘If you win, you become rich and loser gets nothing.’ ‘You have no problem with the money’ ‘so come with me. Come on.’

‘Where do I have to go?’ ‘To a decent man’s house.’ ‘A decent man you say? Who is it?’

‘The one in the brown jacket and white shirt, over there.’ So the bar tender took you to Sid’s house. Then?

What happened after that? No, sir. He didn’t take me to Sid’s place.

He introduced me to him and then we went to Sid’s bungalow. And when we reached there were already two people. Here’s my move worth Rs. 2 lakhs. Show. Show.

Wow! What did you have? You’re winning every round. Tell us the secret to it.

Let us win too. It’s nothing like that. It’s all about luck. And today the luck is in my favour. It seems so. Shall we have another deal?

Yes. Okay. – How is this possible?

I told you, luck is in my favour. Is it your luck or is it something else? What do you mean? – It means you’ve fixed the cards. He must have definitely changed the cards.

This is his house. He might have cameras all around. Or he must have changed the cards. It could be possible.

Do you think that I am a cheat? Of course. Otherwise, why none of us got a good pack?

Why didn’t either of us get it? You’re a cheat. Cheater. Are you calling me a cheater? – Yes. I am calling you one.

You’re unable to tolerate defeat, right? Hey, you! This game is for mature people and not for amateurs. If you want to prove yourself, win this game.

Otherwise, get lost. Mind your words. – You mind your words.

This is my house. Did you understand? Get lost! – No.. It’s just a game.

– Throw him out. Then Harish left his house? Yes, sir.

Even I thought that he left. But he went to the kitchen. In the kitchen? – Yes, sir. In the kitchen. When he came out he was holding.. You are back again?

I asked you to go out. Don’t you understand? – Hey.. Step back. How dare you touch me? – Why are you cribbing.. What did you do?

He killed him. Hey, what have you done? You killed him?

I’ll call the ambulance. He can be saved. He is dead. Let’s call the police otherwise, we all will be in trouble. Won’t we get into trouble if we call the police? We were gambling which is a crime.

We were gambling. We didn’t kill anyone. Don’t act smart. If we call the police everyone will get into trouble and not just me. There’s only one way out.

You guys run. I’ll hide his body and come. Yes. How much did you all lose? Sir, Rs.

30 lakhs. Sir, Rs. 50 lakhs. Sir, Rs. 35 lakhs.

Just a minute. Ranbir, you said that Sid was wearing a white shirt. Yes, sir. He was wearing a white coloured shirt.

And, Vikrant, you said that he was wearing a yellow coloured shirt. Yes, sir. He was wearing a yellow coloured shirt. He was not wearing yellow or white coloured shirt. He was wearing a blue coloured shirt.

I remember it well. How is this possible? When we found the body he was wearing a white shirt. Ranbir is saying the same.

How is this possible? How can a man be killed in different clothes at one time? Sir, these two were not there when Sid was murdered.

What do you mean? It means, I remember it well. This happened six months ago. They were not present there.

No, sir. This happened a year ago. What are they saying? The murder was committed last night.

Exactly. He was murdered last night. And he was wearing a white shirt. Just a minute. What are you all talking? Last night, six months ago, a year ago?

I hope you’re talking about the man who was murdered last night. Am I right? And you’re saying that these two were not present at the time of the murder. Sir, these two were not there. The murder I am talking about was committed six months ago. Sir, murder happened last night.

And the guys over there were some other people. These two were not there. Yes, sir. He’s right. Even I don’t know them.

Are you three talking about Sid? And he met you at Jerry’s club before his murder. Then he took you to Hemant villa.

No, sir. He took me to Sankalp mansion. And he was in Kirti hills. No, sir. He took me to Yash house which is in Curtis road. How can a man die at three different places wearing three different clothes?

Tell me, Salunkhe. Is it? Okay, fine. Abhijeet, Salunkhe has found a proof.

You can go meet Salunkhe. Until them, I’ll talk to them. Sir. Come.

Look what I found. By the way, let me tell you, this case is weird. Yes, sir. The case is weird. And whatever we got to know.. Whatever you know is not that weird as compared to what I am about to say. What happened?

What are you looking at? Nothing. Are you sure?

Sir, I’m listening to you. What are you saying? Okay.. What was I saying? Weird.. Look, we’ve found something similar to his blood.

Blood like? Sir, your assumption was right. It was a dye. You’re here, Ms. Tarika?

I mean, what are you saying? Red dye? How? Wow! You got back your concentration! Hey, I was not distracted.

You all keep troubling me. – Okay. We got this plastic bag from Sid’s body. This bag was stuck to his body with a tape under his shirt.

And this bag contained a dye resembling blood. This technique is used in the film shooting. Or is this a drama? Drama? – Yes.

Drama. According to the information it seems that Sid was a conman. Sid and his friends used to cheat people by faking gambling and murder. It means, even the bar tender was a part of this plan. He used to plan and bring elite people to this card party. After that, this drama of fake murder.

So, this is why, Ranbir, Vikrant and Pritam saw his murder at different places and time. And they’re into this since a long time. But last night, their facade turned into a reality. Every time they used to fool new people in a new bungalow. And the rest is same. The same game, the same fight and every time the drama of murdering Sid.

They used to take money from the people and shoo them away in the name of police case. Everything was same. The plan was great.

But how did he get murdered yesterday? Because last night they made a mistake. What? – Just a minute. Sir. This knife is fake just like the blood.

If someone’s stabbed using this it won’t go inside the body but will go inside its case. Look at this. But if the knife is fake then how did Sid get killed with it? Last night, there was a mishap. It has a screw. Look here.

If you move the screw on the opposite side it gets fixed. It does not go inside. If then someone is attacked using this knife it will go inside the body and not inside the case. Someone has purposely altered this knife. So that Sid dies. The only person who can do such a thing is the one who knows everything about this game.

The one who was in the balcony of the living room. The patch from the garment we found belonged to that person. The one who made sure that everyone reaches the card party will be our medium to reach the killer. The bartender, Dinesh.

Excuse me? I am sorry, sir. There is still time for the club to open. Please come after some time. We have come here to investigate about a case. We are from C.I.D.

– C.I.D? Sir, how can I help you? – We wish to speak to your staff. Is your staff present here?

Not everyone is present here right now. Some people are there in the locker room. They are changing into their uniforms. You people have a bartender named Dinesh at your place. Where is he? – Ma’am, he has not reported to work since yesterday.

He disappeared without informing. But, sir, what is the matter? Has he done something? We will come to know about that, later. Right now, give us his address.

Sir, the address he gave to us was a wrong one. Actually, when he disappeared, I checked on his details in the address book and then I realized that it is a wrong address. I can give you the address but I don’t think you will find him on that address. When you hire people, don’t you verify their details?

Did you know he used to loot people using this bar? What? – And now, we are searching him for a murder case. Murder? I am sorry, ma’am. We did not know about it.

You don’t just come to know. You have to take efforts for that. When there are rules, you should follow them. Do you understand? If only you had done this before this situation could have been avoided.

– I am sorry, sir. What else do you know about Dinesh? Do you know anything about him?

– No, sir. Nothing special. Because he used to speak less.

He remained quite most of the time. Hence, he did not have friends except a girl. Her name is Mansi. She is a waitress over here. They used to get along really well.

However, they never said anything like that. But I think, something is brewing between the two. Did you not enquire with Mansi about Dinesh’s whereabouts? I did ask but she too, doesn’t know anything.

No problem. Summon Mansi. – Yes, sir. Sir, Mansi.

Mansi, was Dinesh your friend? What do you mean by that? Is he all right? There has been a murder. And we think, Dinesh is involved in it. We are searching for him.

Do you know where he is? I myself, am disturbed. I cannot even reach his phone. And the address he submitted here, is fake too.

And you say that he is involved in a murder! Were you too really close? Yes, sir. We loved each other. And we were about to get married to each other, soon.

And that is why, he wanted to get hold of some money. So was he saving money just by working for the club or he had some side business? Apart from this job, he had invested in shares. And he said, he is doing really good. He used to get me expensive gifts and he used to take me to expensive restaurants, as well. So he did not mention you about his fraudulent means?

No. Do you have a picture of him? – Yes. Sir, Dinesh is absconding but we have got hold of his picture. We will circulate it. Sir, Dinesh is absconding but we have got hold of his picture.

We will circulate it. Yes, Abhijeet. Do it. Do it! Sketches of three people are already in progress. The four of them are hiding somewhere, for sure.

– Yes, sir. Sir, there are fraudsters but they aren’t murderers. They have committed a murder by mistake. They are scared and hence, they are hiding somewhere. We have to take advantage of this fear. We will scare them so much that they will get nervous and make a mistake.

And then, we will catch them. – Yes, sir. Sir, the sketch is ready. – Okay. Sir. – Yes.

– All of them are gamblers. And the one who stabbed, is Harish. Do one thing.. Circulate the three sketches and the picture of the bartender in every police station, railway station, hotel, lodges everywhere!

Send these to every news channel as well. And tell them that these faces should be shown 24 by 7. Every household should remember their faces. How long will they manage to stay out of our clutches? ‘Look at these pictures carefully.’

‘The four of them are involved in a murder.’ ‘If you come to know anything about these people’ ‘call C.I.D on this number.’ ‘All of them are dangerous fraudsters!’ They are.. ‘They are absconding after killing one of their partners’ ‘in the farmhouse of the industrialist Hemant Kumar.’

‘No concrete evidence has been derived by the police’ ‘on investigating the farmhouse.’ ‘C.I.D is searching for them. These are their pictures.’ Hey, listen! There is a match. Put on that channel!

‘They are absconding after killing one of their partners’ ‘in the farmhouse of the industrialist Hemant Kumar.’ ‘C.I.D is searching for them. These are their pictures.’ Did you see that? They know about everything! They are displaying the pictures and other details.

We will get trapped in this really, bad. – Trapped! I had suggested that we run away, long back. But you guys don’t listen to me.

Now, the police will come. They are searching for us everywhere. They are going to arrive anytime. We still have time. Let us run! Take your bags and run!

Sir, Sid was a very good friend of mine. He was my partner. Everything was smooth. All this while, there was never a problem. I don’t know what happened that night. Like everytime, I had stabbed with a fake knife.

But I don’t know how he died, sir. I really don’t know. He doesn’t know. Stop this drama and tell us the truth. Tell us. Sir, we used to target rich non-resident Indians and we used to con them.

Dinesh used to introduce such targets to Sid from the Jerry’s Club. Sid used to take the targets to empty and deserted mansions. Which we used to decorate like Sid’s house. Yes, sir. I have a business as well. I have a real estate agency.

Sir, as per my line of business I used to find out about deserted mansions and I used to make those houses available for this con job. Sir, first, we used to let those targets win when we would win their trust then Sid used to start winning. Everything was pre-planned. Sid used to win, then we would have a quarrel. Then, I used to kill him. It was a fake act.

The targets used to panic after seeing all this they used to leave their money and run away. Get up, Mr. Actor. They’ve left. Are you sure the target is gone? I am sure.

You’ll get hurt, silly. Then, we used to share that money. Something similar happened that night as well. I stabbed him with the knife and.. Let’s call the police and tell them the truth. I don’t want any legal involvement. My passport and US citizenship will get jeopardised.

No.. I am going. Sid, did you fall asleep? Get up, he is gone. There is no need to do over acting. Sid..

He is actually dead! Did the knife actually hurt him! What nonsense are you saying? Sid, get up! The knife.. How did it actually.. Didn’t you check the knife before you stabbed him?

We are not doing this for the first time. It’s the fake knife. We just have one knife. How can he bleed like this? We should inform the police.

We all will be implicated for the murder. What do we do? ‘Your game has turned against you.’ What?

Come, take a look. Take a look. There are photos as well. ‘I have sent the photos to the police department.’

‘I have sent them the address as well.’ ‘They’ll be reaching shortly.’ ‘You love playing games, don’t you?’ ‘Now, play hide and seek with the police officers.’

You people said that you left the money there. Yes, sir. There was 90 lakhs.

We left everything and we ran away. But we didn’t find any money over there. I don’t know, ma’am.

I don’t know how the money disappeared or how did the fake knife get replaced with the actual one. I don’t know, how was Sid murdered. I don’t know anything. Someone trapped you in your own ploy. Did you get it? It’s someone who is well aware of your ploy.

That person tampered with the knife and Sid was murdered. What about Dinesh? Where is he? I called Dinesh after Sid passed away.

He was quite perturbed after I spoke to him. He said, he will leave the city. Dinesh is missing since then.

Did Dinesh plot this? First, he sent Ranbir there and then, he changed Harish’s knife. Then, he hid in the balcony. Then, Dinesh clicked the photographs. And he sent it to Harish. He told them that the police will arrive they panicked and fled.

They left 90 lakhs behind. This means, Dinesh cheated us. Wow! You con people. How can you feel bad when you’ve been conned?

Yes, tell me, Salunkhe. Fantastic. Okay. Salunkhe found a lead.

We had sent a few of Dinesh’s items to Salunkhe. His uniform and his gym bag. Yes, Daya.

The piece of cloth we found in the balcony that matches Dinesh’s uniform. Sir, that means, Dinesh is the murderer. Why is Mr. Pradyuman calling? Hello.

What? G.T. road! Okay, sir. Okay. We have to go to G.T.

road. Dinesh was seen in the G.T. road market.

Mister, have you seen this man? Mister. Have you seen him? – Yes.

Where did you see him? – There. Ahead? – Yes.

Thanks. Let’s go. ‘Mom, Dad, please forgive me.’ ‘I am sorry that I’ve hurt you.’

‘I tarnished your reputation.’ ‘Trust me, I am not a murderer.’ ‘I didn’t murder someone.’

‘I wanted to earn a large sum of money in a short span of time.’ ‘The police is trying to trace me.’ ‘I’ll get caught some or the other day.’ ‘It’s impossible for me to survive.’

‘Forgive me..’ ‘It’s better to die, than to face this defamation.’ Sir, we’ve checked the CCTV footage. He looked very depressed in that. Sir, it doesn’t seem that someone forced him.

He has willingly killed himself. Sir, even the suicide note suggests that he was really ashamed of myself. He was a part of this swindle, but he didn’t kill Sid. Sir, who could it be, if the murderer isn’t Dinesh? No one else was aware of their act of deception.

Sir, could it be a person who they had duped? It could be a case of revenge. That’s possible.

Let’s write all the names of the suspects and stick their photographs on the board. The non-resident Indians who were duped by Harish and his friends. Sir, these are the people who are involved in this case. Abhijeet, we need to find out where were they at the time of the murder. We will get the information from the immigration centre of the airport.

Sir, these eight people weren’t there in India at that point in time. In fact, most of the people didn’t return to India after that incident. Sir, except these four. Our three witnesses Vikrant, Ranveer, Pritam and Mr. Rana. Sir, I went to Mr. Rana’s house and spoke to his wife. He passed away three years back.

They conned him three years back. He was tormented with the guilt that someone was murdered before him and he couldn’t do anything. It made him resort to addictions. That means, we have three suspects. Pritam, Ranbir and Vikrant.

Pritam and Vikrant were in the country but not in the city. The last suspect is Ranbir. Ranbir was present at the crime scene. He is in the photos as well. Yes, sir. He can’t be in the balcony and in the hall at the same time.

It has to be someone else. Then, who could be the murderer? Pankaj, Mr. Rana died three years ago. Get me all the details.

Sir. One person alone couldn’t have accomplished this. He must’ve had an accomplice. I think, the murderer is right before us and yet, we can’t see him. Yes. The murderer is right before us.

Well said, Freddie. Superb. D-Did I, sir? – Yes.

The murder is right before us. But we couldn’t see him. Now, I have understood. Let’s go to the hotel.

Hotel! – Yes, the hotel. As per the theory, he should be there.

If it’s proven that it’s him, then his accomplice and the money will be found. Then, let’s go quickly and catch that person. We won’t catch him. We will keep a watch. If he acts smart, then we won’t spare him. Excuse me.

– Yes. I need to make a call from your phone. Sure, sir.

Well.. Actually, it’s a private conversation. Do you have any other phone? Sir, you can go there and have a word.

Thank you. – Thank you. Listen, mister. – Yes. We are from CID.

We are following that man. We want to hear his conversation. Sir, his phone is connected to this phone. I think, CID didn’t understand anything. The plan has been successful. No..

There was only one man who could’ve ruined our plan. That man was Dinesh. Now, he has reached his deserving end. So, there is nothing to worry about. You don’t worry.

If I find out anything, then I’ll let you know. I love you too. Hey! I can’t say anything to you people.

I don’t know anything. Whether you say anything or not we’ve heard your telephonic conversation. Did you get it? Tell us. Where is the money?

Your silence will only put your life at risk. It would be better if you tell us the truth. Someone else has the money. Dear, please, get the door.

Yes, Mom. Hi. Did you recognise us? ‘Sir, she is Mansi.’ Actually, we need to search your house. This is the search warrant.

Who are you people? – CID. We have a warrant to search your house. But what have we done?

Why are you here? You’ll find out very soon. Search the house. Mr. Daya! Wow! There is blood on these notes as well.

The DNA test will prove that this is Sid’s blood. Correct? Now, tell us. Do you still have questions? Now, she won’t be asking questions.

We’ll be questioning her at the bureau. But how did you grow suspicious of me? Till the very last moment we thought Dinesh is the murderer. He committed suicide and proved his innocence. Mansi, do you recognise this? This is a piece of cloth from your uniform.

We grew suspicious of you because of this. Then, we found out the motive. Did you know why I did all this? Mr. Rana was your father. Right? Yes.

He was my father. He died because of Sid and his accomplices. He couldn’t get over that incident.

He suffered from hyperglycemia. Then, he took to alcohol. Did he know that all this was an act? No! He didn’t know about this.

If he knew it, he wouldn’t have killed himself. He used to consider all this to be true. I was in US when I received a call from mom. Dad was in a vulnerable state. When I came to India, he asked me to fulfil his last wish.

And I need to punish the people who wronged him. Then I promised dad to fulfil his last wish. After that, he passed away.

What did you do after that? Then, I tried to find out. But at that moment, no such case was registered. Then, I recalled that dad had told me Dinesh introduced him to Sid at Jerry’s Club. That’s how you met Dinesh.

– Yes. Then, I took up the job of a waitress. I befriended Dinesh. Then, slowly, I grew close to him. Then, I understood the entire scenario. I understood how they fooled my dad and extorted money from my dad.

Instead of seeking legal aid you ended up doing something unlawful. Deception for deception. You pretended to love Dinesh. Yes!

I had put up a pretence to make them get a fitting punishment. Your lover helped you in all this. Your actual boyfriend. Yes. We both crafted a plan. That night, Ranbir got duped on purpose.

Who tampered with the knife? If this screw is turned, then the blade gets fixed. I had tampered with the knife. I took the photos from the balcony, secretly. Then, I sent those photos to Harish.

And made them leave the place. I took the money and fled the scene. I fulfilled the promise that I had made to my dad.

That money belonged to my dad! Justice was rendered. You are wrong. You have no right to render justice.

The legal system is vested with that right. You’ve disobeyed the law and committed a terrible crime. Now, you’ll face severe punishment.

You both will face severe punishment.